Flowers of the Moon

The Rwenzori Mountains


In the heart of Africa lies an icecapped massif with a mythical resonance: the Mountains of the Moon, currently known as the Rwenzori Mountains. The ancient Greeks referred to them as the supposed sources of the river Nile. Ever since, explorers, scientists and adventurers have been fascinated by this last great mountain discovery of the world. A constant veil of clouds and mist have added an air of mystery to these extremely steep and rugged peaks.

In these primeval landscapes grows an afroalpine vegetation so unusual and extravagant it has been called botanical big game. But this place is much more than a botanist’s playground. Only a senseless man could ignore the enigmatic beauty of this paradise lost. In Flowers of the Moon the surreal effects of infrared photography refer to the age of discoveries in Africa, when intrepid explorers where often guided by fantasies rather than facts as they penetrated the so-called Dark Continent.