Goindol - Dolmen in South Korea

A rocky fusion between sculpture and architecture


Dolmen in South-Korea

South-Korea is best known for hi-tech and K-pop, but also harbours an astounding number of around 40.000 prehistoric dolmens (good for 40% of the world’s total). The morphological diversity of these megalithic monuments stands in stark contrast with the urban monotony of 21st century Korea. The dolmen of Korea are a counterpoint in a country hurtling itself into the future at warp speed.

The dolmens in these photographs are glistening wet, windswept and surrounded by rampant vegetation. Long exposures, specific to a pinhole camera, create an image of timelessness. The universality of the dolmen-concept establishes a direct link with an otherwise alien culture. Still their simple and pure beauty is exotic to me, and so are their natural surroundings. They are close by and far away.